Top 3 ways to stay away from drug addiction

It’s been 30 years, I observe addictions are just growing. I’m a vegan and do not drink or smoke. I don’t take tea or coffee to avoid caffeine. Being an analyst in corporate culture, do you know what question do I hear usually… “Bro! you don’t drink? Don’t smoke? Why are you living?”. However, I just feel empathy for anyone who asks me this question. I can sense their anxiety because they can’t think of their life without these addictions and I am completely OKAY with that. I often join get together events and parties with my glass of water or juice, never felt left behind. In fact (I don’t say so to anyone but…) I feel good about my choices of “not consuming drug (anything that takes your control off from you)”. Here are top 3 ways I found effective for others, for me only the last one worked:

  1. Fear: Find where your fear lies in and attach that to drug addiction. I fear of losing my independency, if I get addicted to non-productive stuff I’ll lose money and my ability to make my own choice happily. So, I would avoid addiction. You might fear of your loved ones or health or anything else. Once you know what your actual fear is how would you attach drug addiction to it? Just educate yourself with harmful effects of addiction and think how addiction would increase probability of fear into reality.
  2. Religion: Most of the religions in world preaches to stay away from addictions. If you or your family believes in a religion than it’s easier to stay away from addictions. My family in ancient culture of India and when I was very young my parents introduced me to the possibilities of being spiritual. I liked it and so I when my spiritual guru asked me to give up something, I gave up tea and coffee (I was just 12 years old then). It was fun and excitement and character build-up because everyone around me appreciated that. In case you do not believe in a religion, find a social group that suites you and supports avoidance of addictions.
  3. Commitment: The best answer to someone who questions your choices is – “I did so because I choose what to do with myself”. Period. You and I don’t have to give explanations of choices for ourselves. When I grew up, I became more and more independent and less religious. I want logics these days. So, first two options, Fear and Religion, don’t work with me anymore. However, commitment works. At the end of the day if I break my commitment it will be my choice and if I keep up my commitment, it will also be my choice.

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