Project Management Tool: HP Quality Center vs JIRA

I’ve been using HP Quality Center (QC) for more than a decade now and JIRA for last 5 years.

Here is my personal opinion and comparison for features that matters to me and my team:




Installation Required Not required. Web-based.
Lag time (click and wait) High (but improved in version 11.2) Low
Intuitive Low (need detailed training to use it) High (very less training required)
Flexibility to accommodate different kind of project needs Low High
Model Good for waterfall projects only Best for Agile projects but ok for waterfall as well
Maintenance Project management Good Good
New project management Best when team does NOT understand Agile Principals Best when team understand Agile Principals
Structure Hierarchical only Everything is an “Issue” (JIRA ticket). Can be considered at same level.
Importing scripts or projects from Excel to QC/JIRA and vice versa; also from QC to JIRA and vice versa Complex Very Easy (feels like kid’s play) without compromising on quality
Reporting Ok Good
Autonomy to team doing ground work (actual work which brings in money) Poor Best
Version Control Good Good (team needs to use autonomy responsibly else there will be issues in version control)


Overall, JIRA wins! For my upcoming projects, I’ve recommended my organization to switch to JIRA completely. It makes sense if we use only one at a time, either JIRA or QC. For few projects, we were forced to use both (although for different phases of project lifecycle). It was pain and not at all productive.

For me, saying bye to a tool that I’ve used for 10 years is a painful choice (emotionally). However, most important trigger for switch is “the lag time”. JIRA or QC do not earn bread for my organization. I’m in Investment Banking Technology team and we need to either run maintenance projects or create new features for business. Those “deliverables” are our bread and butter, not how good we are with QC/JIRA. We want to spend least of our time with QC/JIRA and focus on deliverables. What’s the point if 10% of your team members are 100% allocated to maintain a project management tool. In QC that’s the problem, you get trained, but when you click you have wait a lot, for small tasks there are so many dependencies and when day gets over you get a sinking feeling by looking at how less work you have been able to do in the day.

Disclaimer: Working on a tool for 10 years doesn’t make me an expert. Please do your due research before choosing/recommending a better tool for your team.

I would love to know your views on QC and JIRA. Please leave a comment, I’m waiting…

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