One question to ask yourself every night before you go to bed

If you just go with flow, you love spending your time in daily routine work and your relationships are working well for you, then maybe your day passes by like blink of an eye. Then one day you loose something that matters to you, something happens that didn’t expect to happens, suddenly you start feeling what have you been doing, you did a lot of things, a lot of good things, but you feel incomplete deep inside.

We are human beings and I don’t know a way of feeling complete by doing thing just unconsciously. Just by being conscious, you could actually feel much more by doing same action than by being unconscious.

Every time going to sleep just answer one question for yourself: “what is it that I actually want?”  Answer this for 21 days in a row and it will become a habit. This will open the realms of being conscious. Even if your daily routine doesn’t change you will feel complete very soon. Well, that’s just a start of your being human. I don’t know where the end is. I’ve still on the way like you are.

Happy journey of consciousness!

3 thoughts on “One question to ask yourself every night before you go to bed

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