Job opportunities: Where to expect?

In Investment Banking sector, there is big pressure for all participants in financial markets to move from OTC (Over-the-counter) to Exchange. However, over 90% of trades still happen in OTC. There is little infrastructure to support all OTC trades into Exchange. Hence, there is big opportunity of jobs creation to build up infrastructure.

“Automation” is the big buzzword in corporates these days and it will remain for coming at least 8-10 years. A study from PwC estimates that 38% of US jobs could be lost to automation. If you are a fresher, you may consider having a career in building infrastructure for organizations who are still into OTC such that they can comply with regulations. In investment banking domain, there isn’t a guarantee of lifetime career in one stream. But for sure, if you are good in basics of Investment Banking and you have a few technical skills you’ll find good options for next 30-40 years. There might be few upsetting years in between but over-all you’ll survive well. If you want to do more than good survival continue reading.

If you have potential and willingness to take little more risk or if you have already spent few years in Investment banking, you should seriously consider “Entrepreneurship”. I recommend to read a businesswire article –

If you cannot be an entrepreneur by yourself, just be vigilant, keep your eyes and options open, find a good leader (entrepreneur) and move under her leadership. This search may take a while, may be a year or two, so don’t disregard your current source of earnings. In next 8-10 years entrepreneurs and their team are going to have fulfilling experience (even against odds).

Automation would probably free up time of many individuals. Lay-off may increase until 2024, however there is no need to be pessimistic always. If you cannot think of what those individuals are going to do with their time, doesn’t mean that no one can think. That’s where entrepreneurs are going to fill the gap and there are going to be opportunities like never before, if you are open to accept changes for good.

To summarize, there are growing opportunities in Automation and Entrepreneurship. Number of hours per week required for both jobs and stress level for next 8-10 years would be same. Only difference would be, at one place you’ll work hard and at another place your passion will work for you, you won’t work.

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