How to overcome failure?

Well there are a million ways to overcome failure but I found below realizations that worked for me over past decade quite well.

  1. It’s about your commitment, not reality: This is difficult to digest. Let me give you an example to help you get this realization. There were two kids, both in same class and same school. When annual exam results came, first kid was extremely upset while other was in party mood. Can you guess who got more marks? No, it was the first kid who got 80% while the second kid got just little more than passing marks of 40%. Then why was first kid upset when in reality this kid is highest scorer of the class? Because of his commitment to studies which naturally caused his expectations to rise. First kid was expecting 90% and got 80% while another kid wasn’t even expecting to get passed but he did. This means higher the commitment more will be the failures. Does this means we should lower our commitments or expectations to be happy? Hmmm, I leave that to you, personally I would like to learn to deal with failures rather than lower my commitments.
  2. Take action: Once you have realized, your commitment is causing failure to you it will become clear in which direction you have to take action. In our example, first kid who got 80% and was upset took action to add online learning course in his preparation for exam next time so that he gets better tuition.
  3. Avoid insanity: As Einstein said, “Doing same thing again and expecting different result is insanity”.  You must assess your failure to identify what was missing in your preparation for success.

Success is a natural instinct for all of us. Either you make a spaceship and want to launch for Moon or you blow your nose and want to throw the tissue to dustbin, you want to succeed.

First step to overcome failure is the most difficult part, other two steps are relatively easier.

To be able to succeed let’s learn and practice how to overcome failure again and again and again!

Happy Success!

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