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2024 – Part 3 – Your investment opportunities in the upcoming most painful suffering of humanity

In part 2 we saw what kind of investors are currently in action to get hold of the future gold mines, the water sources, in India. “Special breed of entrepreneurs” were exceptions. However, a good investor ensures her well-being for long term. Therefore, to ensure your well-being, you also want to consider post 2024 scenarios before considering your investment choices.

First thing, here is the recap of expected situation of 2024:

  1. Consumable water source owner would be rich and powerful.
  2. Concentration of wealth would increase. 2% would probably hold more than 90% of overall wealth.
  3. Suffering of remaining 98% humanity would probably increase.

To ensure your well-being you have to invest enough to reach in 2% category of well to do population. However, there is big risk of failure. Only 2% can eventually win in this race.

Water is an apparent investment. However, I would like to draw your attention to equation of 98% vs 2% humanity and the increased suffering due to lack of water. What is required in this situation? What will ensure your well-being as an Investor?

What investment will give best results? What will lack – what will be in demand?

The answer is “Leadership”.

There has been no time in the history of humanity with such concentrated power and such a suffering for so many people.

If, and only if, we will have sensible and caring leaders in 2% population in 2024, gradually leaders can help reduce the suffering and ensure well-being by inclusion of 100% population.

My recommendation is to invest in “individuals” demonstrating two skills:

  1. Entrepreneurship (good business skills)
  2. Leadership (who are experts of “inclusive” life skills and can lead others by example)

Probably, this investment will alter definition of success. The leaders of future will be called successful not because they got deep pockets but because they work on the principles of inclusion and because they know the art of winning hearts.

You will be successful because you and I together saw the “vision of 2040! Wealthier than ever before, Our Planet and Us.“

Coming back to now, this moment, how can you find such individual with two mentioned skills on whom you can invest?

I hope, you’ll do your due research soon and find that individual before it’s too late.

Good news is that, for hope to exist only one human being is enough. And that human being can be “YOU”.

I highly recommend that you invest in “YOU” and build those two skills that will be required in coming times and will give bigger returns than ever before.



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