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2024 – Part 2 – Your investment opportunities in the upcoming most painful suffering of humanity

In part 1 I summarized, in 2024, if you hold consumable water source, especially in Asia, you’ll have the gold mine. Some have already got the insight and are in action.

Who are investing already? If you can read between the lines see last 3-5 years’ newspapers in India:

Disclaimer: I’m intentionally not writing names, because I do not have solid proofs to put on allegations on a particular individual or organization. Information is based on my conclusion of following last 5 years of public news of Indian media.

  1. Increase in “Water Mafia”: Some people illegally try to hold water source and general public have to pay them to get regular water. Government and police do their job but not sure if this is going to decrease in coming time.
  2. Increase in packaged water supply: Now you have to pay money to buy packaged water even in areas where 5 years back you had good source of free consumable water. Also, marketing of packaged water bottles has considerably increased. These guys are probably smarter than local “Water Mafia” because their act is legal. These guys, and the next one, will hide behind their CSR activities until a big opportunity (to hold bigger fresh water source) arrives.
  3. Increase in MNCs investment in water sources: Most of the investments does not surface. (If everyone knows then you are too late to make investment.) However, if someone will suffer, that person will resist. One of the many cases that surfaced (this is just the start of suffering of humanity) In Kerala, there was conflict between locals and a USA based Cola company because Cola company had taken ownership of water source and used that water mostly to create cold drink (1 litre Cola using 25 litres of water). While locals didn’t have even 25 litres of water per person per day. Cola company is at back seat right now. Have hired talented IIM graduates and professionals to deal with situation. I doubt, intention is still to get hold of same or other water source somehow. Marketing of their CSR activities are working quite well in this direction. Brand building is part of the game.
  4. Increase in social welfare groups helping sufferers (water-shortages): Search in Google, for NGOs and social groups helping poor Indians (notice “poor are those who are short of WATER!”). Notice their start date at the bottom of each website. These have popped-up mostly in last few years. They put smiling face of sufferers on their website and ask for donations. Some of these are doing exceptional work on the ground. But not sure of intentions of all of these. I am also intentionally avoiding putting a bad or good label to activities because as an investor you must start with scepticism.
  5. Increase in special kind of entrepreneurs: There is a special breed of entrepreneurs now in business, who, for themselves hold no or least assets, live below normal human needs and are working hard to earn money. What’s the relationship with investment in water? Well there is significant interest, if you can read between the lines. We’ll take about them more in next part. Till then you think which section would you like to be part of or if you would like to wait and watch or if there is another section in your experience. At the end of the day, it’s your investment and your choice!



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