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2024 – Part 1 – Your investment opportunities in the upcoming most painful suffering of humanity

Investment opportunities in suffering of humanity? Well, as per current trend 98% of us are going to suffer. If not so sure about your being in rest 2% you better prepare for upcoming challenges.

Let’s jump to the point. Nearly 40% of renewable water in world is already depleted. In India, where one sixth of the humanity live, (according to Government figures) 16% of ground water units are over-exploited. According to other source (not verifiable) Rivers in India are shrinking at an alarming rate of 7% per year. Ground water harvesting isn’t organized well enough yet to be able to address challenges.  Over 1 billion USD loan from World Bank to clean Ganga has been sanctioned but there are enough people (and Industrial waste) polluting river more than cleaning being done and making it unconsumable again. Government has taken stringent actions and is working very hard but bringing Ganga back to normal consumable standard is going to take considerable amount of time because India is an “always election” land. Government has limitations to stricter actions due to political impacts. There are other pressing challenges, other than water shortage, which causes government’s attention to divert. China is building 62 billion USD pipe and canal infrastructure to move water of Yangtze from hundreds of kilometre to population. So, China also does not have discrete local solution.

To summarize, water is in planet as it always has been, but consumable water is declining fast. So, mark my golden words, in 2024, if you hold consumable water source, especially in Asia, you’ll have the gold mine. Some have already got the insight and are in action.

In next part of article, we will see who’s already in the game of investing in water in Asia. Meanwhile, you may want to visit two interesting articles (not by me, but recommended):

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